Lighthouse Writers

June 29, 2013 9:11 am | Tags: , | No Comments

Last weekend, I was in Denver for a few days to work at the Lighthouse Writers’ annual LitFest. For two weeks, Lighthouse brought a flock of writers—including Andre Dubus III, Robin Black, Thomas Lux, Steven Schwartz, and many others—for a fortnight of workshops, seminars, readings, and general literary goodness. Andrea Dupree, Lighthouse director, graciously offered me the opportunity to come to the Mile High City in late June. This was a nice fit for my schedule; fall and spring are always a little packed when you have a full-time gig.

Denver was first suggested to me by the writer Amanda Rea. I met Amanda last fall at the time I was planning a year of promotion for Strategies. She raved about Lighthouse, said they were terrific, that it would be a good place to teach or do a reading, and I said, all right, I’m on it. (more…)

Publicity and Promotion

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Chuck Sambuchino, who runs the Guide to Literary Agents blog over at Writer’s Digest, asked me to contribute to his ever-growing network of writers discussing the ins and outs of publishing. I said, absolutely! He didn’t put any restrictions on what I should write about, so I ran a few things by him, and we agreed that this post that just went up Friday would be a good one.

So here’s my post 5 Easy Ways to Publicize and Promote Your Book. All of these are things that I did that, I think, worked out well for Strategies Against Extinction. Check it out!

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