I Am Not Damian Lewis

November 12, 2012 7:00 am | | No Comments

Last week, I was in Atlanta for the first time. On Thursday, I visited Georgia State University and discussed literary publishing and editing; on Friday, I was part of the VouchedATL Reading Series at the Goat Form, taking the stages with the wonderful writers Amber Sparks, Jamie Iredell, Kate Sweeney, and Carrie Murphy.

This interview conducted by the magnificant Laura Straub was to be, in part, a teaser to get folks to come to the reading. And I think it worked: there was a full house Friday night. But it’s also up on the Interwebs for, probably, the rest of human history, so it wouldn’t hurt to post the link here so that you can read it anytime.

My Awful Interview with Laura is here.

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