A Fully Imagined World

September 17, 2012 7:00 am | Tags: , , , | No Comments

My story “A Fully Imagined World” appears in the fall 2012 issue of Boulevard, the literary magazine out of Saint Louis University. An excerpt of the story is available on Boulevard’s website, right here. This is one of my most recent stories, one that came to me in two distinct chunks—part one at the museum, and part two at home.

Set in Cincinnati, this story is is about Kyle, a recently unemployed attorney who takes his two-year-old daughter to the Natural History Museum. While there, he sees a college fling for the first time in over a decade, and when he works up the courage to speak to her, she doesn’t remember him at all. During the course of this┬áhumiliation, Kyle loses track of his daughter, leading to a physical and existential confrontation with his wife at home.

While you can’t read the whole kit n’ kaboodle on Boulevard’s website, I do hope there is enough there for you to either 1. Order a copy of Boulevard and/or 2. Order a copy of Strategies Against Extinction. I highly recommend doing both!

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